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DARPA Builds R3D2 Satellite In Record Time, Latest Report

In a recent press event, one of the spokespersons of DARPA stated that the team of scientists has used fast developmental program for spacecraft building. Back in March 2019, DARPA had launched the R3D2 satellite in a very small timeframe. It took Northrop Grumman around 20 months in the development of the satellite. Traditionally, it takes years in completion of satellites.

While speaking to the press, one of the spokespersons of Northrop Grumman stated that they were allowed to undertake greater risks by defense agency. DARPA and Northrop Grumman work in accordance so that it can guide the agency throughout the project.

In a press event, Scott Stapp said that the present project completion of R3D2 is a great indication that it is possible to finish satellite building in a small time frame. He also stated that since the company doesn’t have to deal with bureaucrats and was allowed to undertake measured risks thus it was able to complete the project in time.

At present Northrop Grumman is planning to patch-up with U.S government and MSMEs which deal in satellite production for national security issues. During an exclusive interview on March 28, 2019, one of the executives of DARPA stated that the main motive to build R3D2 is to test one of the latest space antennas. The executive also stated that the antenna is made up of Kapton and is capable to extend for around 2.3 meters.

The official of DARPA also stated that the R3D2 satellite will provide dynamics, survivability ratio and radio frequency measurements recorded by the antenna while revolving around the earth. The official also commented on various missions which the antenna could compete with a great deal of ease. During an exclusive interview with the press, Peter Beck said that small satellite launches can be considered as a matter of great prospect for the US government.

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