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Chris Hughes Wants FacebookTo Breakup, Report


One of the founding members of Facebook, Chris Hughes, recently published an interesting proposal: Break Facebook up and see all problems resolving themselves.

It is argued that removing WhatsApp and Instagram from Facebook’s clutches can end the problems with fake news, excess engagement-driven Facebook algorithms, Russian trolls and privacy invasions. However, this is not the case.

Josh Bernoff, an influential blogger, stated that breaking the corporation up would only result in 3 data-abusing companies instead of only one, which wasn’t really an ideal solution.

However, Hughes’ article and his talks on multiple television shows is a sign that it is time for the government to act, like it dealt with AT&T in 1984.

Presidential candidate for the 2020 elections, Elizabeth Warren approved of the solution and wants it applied to all major data-driven corporations like Google, Facebook and Amazon. She claims that these tech titans have dominated the markets completely, abused private data for profits, stifled innovation in the sector and troubled small-time businesses. founder Alex Kruglov agrees with these two. He claims that removing WhatsApp and Instagram from Facebook would allow and encourage more competition in the sector.

Snapchat had originally pioneered the feature of vanishing images and texts. It had been approached by Facebook for purchase, but when rebuffed, Facebook merely went ahead and added these features to its own app Instagram. This feature is currently used by around 500M users daily on Instagram, in contrast with 200M on Snapchat.

Government monitoring of the field would allow more competition. While fake news and trolls would still be a threat, in the presence of government regulations on competition, these nuisances can be better controlled, Kruglov said.

However, he wasn’t in favor of breaking the company up, saying that customers found it convenient to use these services. If Facebook was broken up, another large company like Google would simply swoop in, returning the industry to square one, causing complete confusion and chaos in the process.


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